Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

General trading conditions

1. Services contract

1.1. By using our website and the offered services you agree to our general trading conditions automatically.

1.2. directory.foxware.ch has the only and exclusive right to change the general trading conditions, offers and services at any time for no reason.

1.3. By using the website and services of directory.foxware.ch you agree not to undermine the integrity and not to cause damage. Acts which cause serious damage, will be legally prosecuted.

2. Description of the service

2.1. directory.foxware.ch is a bid-rankink-system. Generally the (Link-) entry of your website is free. After receipt and checking of your request and information you will get a confirmation email with further instructions. When you use the link in your email you can add one point to your website, one bid (1 bid/1 point equals to 1 (one). The more points you buy, the more higher postion you get in the listing. We dont not guarantee your listing and we dont pay any money back in case your website or entry will not be consider. Inclusion in the Featured Listing Section or irectory.foxware.ch's database is not guaranteed. The fee for consideration of a Featured or Paid Inclusion Listing is NON-REFUNDABLE.

2.2. There are only a few keywords for each entry available, for keyword we dont take any responsibility.

2.3. The user ofdirectory.foxware.ch is responsible for any content he publish on directory.foxware.ch. directory.foxware.ch is not responsable for any damage and further damage caused by the user of the directory. It is forbidden to publish any porn or violent content and offer, request gambling. Please respect the law.

2.4. directory.foxware.ch is not responsable at all for any damage and further damage cause by using the offered services of directory.foxware.ch

2.5. No reminder without previous contact. It is sensless to remind us without previous contact. We take a big effort to preserve the right of others. If there is a problem with trademark or copyright infringement, please contact us.Generally the users are the only one responsable for the content they make public on directory.foxware.ch.

2.6. All trademarks are the property of their owners. The user is responsable that the rights of others are respected and not be abused.

2.7. For a payment, to buy points you need Paypal

3. services notes

3.1. The number of the directory users is in permanent conversion, so we can not guarantee a static number of users.

3.2. Our service are hosted on an extern hoster, and we are not accountable in case of off times, , lose or security defect and similar problems.

3.3. We dissociate ourselves form any links that is posted public on our website. The content of the internet is very dynamic and for that reason, we can not be responsable for any the content the users publishes on our website.

3.4. We are not liable for correctness, actuality, and completeness of any information published on directory.foxware.ch

3.5. Your personal data will only be used only for the services on directory.foxware.ch and we dont give your data away to others. In case of theft we are not liable. We reserve ourselves the right to indicate your submitted Webadresses for a search service on directory.foxware.ch

3.6. Deliberate, intentional attacks on our service systems will be punished by law.

Court of jurisdiction is Switzerzland (Bern). more about the swiss law and order
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